Turnstyle T3Max for Telecaster

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The T3Max essentially packs the switching technology of the Turnstyle S3 for Stratocaster into the 3-pickup Telecaster platform to place 15 essential tones at your command.  All things Telecaster, Strat, P90, and humbucker are readily available in your favorite 3-pickup Telecaster.

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Data sheet

Installs In Telecaster
# of Pickups 3
Total # of Tones 15
# of Strat Tones 5
# of Standard Tele Tones 3
# of Thinline Tele Tones 1
# of P-90 Tones 2
# of Humbucker Tones 4

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Recommended For

All Three Pickup US and Mexico-made Fender® Telecaster® Guitars (slight modification may be required on other Tele®-style guitars)

Gear Specs

The Nashville Telecaster® is a versatile tone machine right out of the case.  The tried and true design with genius simplicity.  Why mess with a good thing?  Sometimes the song calls for the twang of a Tele®, the power of a humbucker, or the raw punch of a P-90®.  Turnstyle™ to the rescue.  You could buy, maintain, and lug four guitars to the gig or just turn the switch to get what you need.  No batteries, no emulations, no processors, no 40-pin cable that breaks durning the first song.  Just your favorite pickups in your favorite guitar and a total of 15 spot-on tones.  10 more useable tones on top of the unaltered 5 existing pickup tones.

Included Tones

Telecaster® Single-Coils 
Telecaster® Wide-Range HB
Telecaster® Thinline