What is Turnstyle™?

  • Turnstyle™ is the Original Passive Analog Guitar Modeling System
  • Turnstyle™ gives your guitar new life with instant access to the signature sounds of several legendary guitars
  • Turnstyle™ has  a 100% Pure Analog Signal Path (no synthesized digital signal processing here)
  • Turnstyle™ uses your existing pickups to sound like many other popular types of guitars and pickups
  • Turnstyle™ retains the original look and feel of your guitar
  • Turnstyle™ is so easy to use that you can effortlessly switch between sounds in the middle of a solo
  • Turnstyle™ needs no external boxes, no special cables, not even a battery
  • Turnstyle™ simply replaces your existing set of controls with no extra holes required
  • Turnstyle™ installation only needs a screwdriver and wire strippers ... that's it: no drill, no router, no chisel

What makes Turnstyle™ Different?

Turnstyle™ vs. Digital Modeling Turnstyle™ vs. other Analog Switches
100% Analog Circuit (no DSP) Emulates specific guitars & pickups
100% Passive Circuit (no battery) More tones to choose from
Uses your existing guitar No cluster of switches or push/pull knobs to reconfigure while playing
Uses standard pickups Switch positions arranged in an order that makes sense
Zero modification to guitar body Retains stock appearance
No external boxes Comes pre-installed in a pickguard of your choice
No special cables Completely reversible installation
Significantly more affordable No complicated wiring process

Is there a Turnstyle™ for My Guitar or Bass?

  • Turnstyle™ for Guitar is currently available for use in Fender® Stratocaster® and Gibson® Les Paul® and Fender® Telecaster®
  • Turnstyle™ for Bass is currently available for use in Fender® Precision Bass® and Fender® Jazz Bass®

What if My Guitar or Bass is not on the List?

If Turnstyle™ is not yet available for your guitar or bass?  Get a one-of-a-kind ProShop Turnstyle™ made to your exact specifications.  Click here ProShop in the menu above to get started.