Turnstyle J2 for Jazz Bass

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Turnstyle™  replaces the control plate on any Jazz Bass® with a master volume and tone with a 5-position rotary switch in the middle.  Turning this knob seamlessly toggles between 4 different bass tones made famous by Fender® and Rickenbacker® plus our own signature passively overdriven "Growl"™ voice.  Simply remove your existing control plate and swap in the Turnstyle™ plate and let it thunder.

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Data sheet

Installs In Jazz Bass
# of Pickups 2
Total # of Tones 6

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Recommended For

All US and Mexico-made Fender® Jazz Bass® Guitars (slight modification may be required on other Jazz Bass®-style guitars)

Gear Specs

The Jazz Bass® is the classy cousin of the Fender® bass camp.  A legend in it's own right.  What if you were able to dial in the "sweet spot" tones without having to dial them in?  What if you had more than just Jazz Bass® tones at your command?  Turnstyle™ pays homage to this music-industry standard with three favorite Jazz Bass® sounds, plus tones from Precision Bass®, Rickenbacker®, and a driven dirty "Growl" bass.  As always, no batteries, no emulations, no processors, no 40-pin cable that breaks during the first song. Just your favorite pickups in your favorite guitar and a total of 6 spot-on tones.

Included Tones

Jazz Bass® (3 different tones) 
Precision Bass® 
"Growl"™ Drive Bass